Telsen Electric Company Ltd.

Telsen Electric Company was formed in Birmingham in 1924
by Mr A. Macnamara at 207 Aston Road.

In 1930 they moved to 56 Miller Street and shortly after moved to their new factory at the corner of Philips Street and Thomas Street.

Incorporated in 1933, the Telsen Electric Company Ltd were manufacturers of wireless broadcast receivers, components and construction kits.

They had a cabinet making department turning out polished furniture into which wireless receivers were built, mainly from their own components.
They were also buying Bakelite cases from Edwin Elliot in Birmingham.

They produced every component one might require for the building of a wireless receiver at home,
including the blueprint layouts to encourage tidy construction of receivers to the Telsen designs.
Their components were listed in a catalogue which later became incorporated into the Telsen Radiomag.
The magazine was produced during 1933 / 1934 and published by James Cond Ltd of Great Charles Street, but ran only for the six issues of volume one.
It increased to A4 size after issue two, as did the price which was 3d for issue two and 6d for issue three but fell back to 3d for issues five and six.
Blueprints were supplied with the larger format magazines as loose sheets.
There are no dates on the magazine covers and it appears that publication was as irregular as the price.

In 1935 Telsen was bought out of receivership by David Rosenfield Ltd and the business was moved to Manchester,
where they produced a range of electrical appliances including Clothes Irons, Toasters and Christmas Bubble lights and Fairy Lights.

One aim of this website is to provide access to the Telsen Radiomag for a wider audience.
Pages from the magazines are scanned from intact but well read original copies and compiled in compressed PDF format.

Today the Aston factory is a multi-unit industrial centre

The Factory Building in Aston

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